Country Club Casino Review – Top Tasmania Casino

Country Club Tasmania is located in Launceston, Tasmania. This place is used for a wide range of different local events. It is also home to an 18 hole golf course. The casino is used as a starting point for the race.


It was first opened in 1982. This became the second casino to open in Tasmania, and the third in Australia. Since its opening it has been continuing to grow each day and night. It has become one of the most respected casinos around the entire world.

This casino has two gaming floors and offers new electronic gaming machines and amazing table games that everyone can enjoy. It provides an experience that players can enjoy. Poker, electronic machines, keno, sports betting, and blackjack

Responsible gambling is something that they strongly want their players to obtain. This is one of the many ways they show care for their players. Even on their website they mention how players should gamble. They even have different lines that gamblers can contact for problem gambling. I love that they promote responsible gambling because there are many people who are addicted to it. Having an addiction to this can cause a lot of problems. It is great that a casino like this wants their players to have a lot of fun, but also be responsible at the same time.

The fact that they have the latest electronic machines is pretty awesome. This allows the players to experience an added on exciting feel. Hearing the high quality sounds and graphics the machines provide makes the experience at this casino magical and unforgettable. It is a guarantee that this casino will not disappoint anyone. This casino has a little something for everybody. Not only are their games fun, but their events are fun as well.

The atmosphere at Country Club Casino is very lively. There is constant enjoyment at the casino. Sounds from the machines are very lively and can help persuade a person into staying much longer. When this happens, of course it is best for the gambler to control his or herself so that way will not lose too much money. Casinos are supposed to be fun, but obviously not all are. This one is definitely one that a person who loves to gamble should go to.

At this casino, you can tell that the employees deeply care about their job and want to make the players happy. Making the players happy makes them happy. This is one of the ways they stand out from a lot of other casinos. At some casinos some employees have a bad attitude and do not care about their players at all. This is one of the reasons as to why some casinos do not have a lot of long term success. The casino provides an environment where players can socialize with each other in a comfortable manner. Some casinos in different parts of the world lack in this area.

Worlwide attractiveness

Country Club Casino has the power to attract not only local residents, but people all over the world. It has a unique beauty to it. Even the places where their concerts take place is beautiful. It is not too closed in. Their concert room is very roomy. They have events that bring in something for everyone, including those who do not gamble. This casino does provide tournaments throughout different times of the year. At this casino, the table game limits start at $2. 50.

Some of the table games they have are Federal Baccarat, Texas Hold Em, Rapid Roulette, and American Roulette. All of these games are not hard to learn and they are very fun. Especially when you are playing against those who are very competitive. The competitiveness the games bring makes them a lot of fun and engaging. The key to playing these games is making good decisions and of course luck. That is if you believe in luck.

No gambler should not miss out on being at this casino. Being at this casino can bring in a lot of joy. This casino sets a good example of how all casinos should be. The fact that this casino has facilities connected to it is definitely a big plus.

I give this casino an A. The reason is because it has everything it takes for a casino to satisfy gamblers. It can even satisfy non-gamblers since it does have events that do not require gambling, even though they would not go to the casino as much as a gambler would. It is definitely understandable as to why many people love going to this casino. At the rate this casino is going, it is only going to become more and more successful with the years to come. It will continue to make the casino industry expand.