Derby Dollar Slot – The Best of Multiple Gambling Worlds

Have you ever had a hard time determining whether or not you should gamble on horses or gamble on the slots? If so, then you should definitely play Derby Dollar. Developed by Real Time Gaming, Derby Dollar provides players with the opportunity to experience both. This is a slot that has horse racing incorporated into the game. The awards players are given in this game are fantastic. Not only will players have fun spinning the reels, but they will also have the chance to come in contact with owners and jockeys as they try to win the Derby along with the bonuses that come along with it.

Players will love the fact that the wild horses and scatter gold coins can actually multiply their total-bet and they can award them with free spins and prize multipliers.

Being able to enter Derby Day does not cost much either. Entering Derby Day can be as cheap as 0. 01 coins. The cost of tickets for going to the Owner’s Enclosure is just 5. 0 coins. So why not just enjoy the fun of horseracing from using your tablet or laptop.

Playing the Game

The person who owns wild horse is a million heiress that is widowed. A player of this slot can be the lucky person if their cards are aligned right. The jockey in this slot, wears blue silks, but that is if the player wants to pick their horses in this type of way. Regardless, players should be ready to watch the wild horse run through the field and win the cup along with other prizes offered by the slot.

The Wild Horse Winnings in Derby Dollar

On Derby Day, there is a game of pre-race poker. If a player has matching 9s to Aces, they will be able to win prizes of up to no more than 250 coins. Those who play this slot would want to find themselves in a situation in which they can win no more than 500 coins. This is the same as seeing the magnificent cup the owner that wins gets to have.

Players also have the opportunity to win up to 1, 000 coins for having contact with the jockey. They can get up to 2, 000 coins if they meet the owner.

When the wild horse begins to run through as each symbol gets pushed out makes the fun start in this slot. This gives players a potential prize. While the horse is cutting through the pack, it can also give the player an instant win of up to 3, 333 coins.

In this slot, the prize money is the golden coins. The prize money can go up to 50x the total bet. If a player is able to receive 2 to 5 scattered coins, they will be given the free spins bonus. Two coins give away 5 free spins. Three coins gives players 10 free spins. Four coins give players 15 free spins. Five coins give away 25 free spins. Guess what? All prizes are tripled. Another way for a player to receive more free games is if more coins are seen during the initial free spins.

There is even a random jackpot that can be won. Since this is the case, there is a good chance that the jackpot will be more and more humongous as time goes on.

Stakes in the Race for the Slot

Horseracing is full of many different stakes. However, in regards to this slot the stakes are pretty simple. All players of this slot have to do is choose on playing 1 to 20 lines for any of the spins. After choosing, the next step is to stack each line with bets from only 0. 01 coins. However, if a player wants to play all of the 20 lines they can do so from just using 0. 2 coins. In the mix of doing that, the bet would still only just be 5 coins for each spin. This is slot is a huge hit. It is the type of slot that is hard for many to stop playing.

The slot has the ability to draw a player in right away which is why it is receiving a positive review along with the other components of it. It is a mix of the best type of horseracing and the needed slot atmosphere that can bring its players joy. Not only that, it also has fun bonuses. It is pretty much a guarantee that this slot will give you the entertainment you need to make you satisfied. Even if you are not interested in horseracing, you should still give this slot a try. Derby Dollar is definitely a slot that deserves an A. All of the components of this slot come together very well and this cannot be said for many other slots.