Egypt Quest – Exciting Slot from Web Script

Have you ever wanted to experience the exotic life? If so, you should play the online version of Casino Web Script’s Egypt Quest slot. This slot has a unique gameplay. In this slot game, you will pick a lucky symbol and place your bet. After you place your bet, you will be able to wait and see if you can receive the wealth of the Egyptians in the slot.

One question you would have to ask yourself is will you be able to find riches in the Pyramids. If you continue to read this article, you will be able to find out key information about Egypt Quest.

Being Like an Egyptian

Casino Web Scripts have released a lot of slots with an Egyptian theme such as Secrets of Ra, Cleopatra’s Ancient Treasure, and Mystic Books. However in regards to this game, the gameplay style is very different from those.

Egypt Quest is not a classic slot with reels and paylines. This slot game allows players to pick the symbol(s), they would like to bet on. Once you pick your symbols, all there is left to do is hit the start button. As you are playing this slot, you will notice that there is a light that rockets around the inner edge of the square tiles.

The design of this slot is great and it builds excitement. Once the light starts to slow down while it comes close to the end of the cycle, the excitement goes up the roof. You will be hoping that it reaches the symbol you picked.

This slot provides a very different experience than traditional slots. Players of this slot are able to feel as if they have a lot of control over whether or not they will win. However, it is important to note that this slot has a RTP rate of 89. 43%. With that being the case, obviously the players do not have that much control over whether or not they will win. There are a lot of classic reel slots that have better odds.

Having a Strategy

Due to the game style of Egypt Quest, it is best to have some sort of a strategy because there are different styles that can be used. The strategy that you decide to use should be based on your budget.

On the bottom of the screen, you will see all of the symbols on the bottom of the screen. It is on you to decide the amount you choose to bet on every time. You can just pick one, or you can pick all of them.

Also, you have the ability to decide how much you want to bet on them. That is not all. There is a feature that will allow you to bet differently on the different symbols. The minimum value is set at 1. However, you can go all the way up to 1, 000 on any of the symbols. In other words, if you have ever wanted to bet across the board, you will have the option of 8 all the way up to 8, 000.

All of the symbols have different values, starting from 5 for oranges and apples no higher than 60. This is something that can play a role in how much you would like to bet on each one.

There are three progressive jackpots offered in this slot, which are Mini, Major, and Mega. Whenever you land the jackpot symbol, you will be spinning the wheel to have a shot at winning one of the three.

Increasing Your Winnings

Even though you can alter how much you want to bet, you can still try to increase the chances of landing a larger prize through using the gamble feature.

You do not have to use the gamble feature, but just know that you can take a half bet for it. In other words, you can keep half of your winnings instead of betting all of it or becoming empty handed.

The Gamble feature contains two pyramid sets. In order to win, you have to hit the right button that corresponds to the pyramid at the correct time. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds. If you manage to win, you will have the opportunity to bet again. Again, you will be able to choose between doubling your total bet or just betting half. However, you can receive all of your winnings and return to the main game.

Overall Thoughts About Egypt Quest

This is a slot that unlike a lot of other classic slots. It is very fun and it has originality. If you feel as though you are not ready to play this slot with real money yet, you can play the demo version of it. Any type of slot player would definitely love to play this.