Haunted House Slot – Spooky Slot Game in 2016

This Haunted House slot developed by online casino developers Simbat is a 5 reel game slot and it provides up to 25 paylines. Make sure you are brave enough to experience this spooky game.

This game is different from the other Simbat slots and it is designed to deal with a casino game that is normal. All the in-play functions are shown at the foot of the machine and its reels are not over the top. As a matter of a fact, there is not anything that is over the top with this game. The spookiness of this game is just there to spook the players and to make sure that they are enjoying the thrill this game provides to them.

The autoplay function is located above the spin button. This function is there for those who would rather have fun with this game from a far and let the computer handle the creaky doors and let it walk throughout the rooms that are fully cobwebbed. However, this is a feature that is wonderful for those who do not like ghosts and spiders. Those who are like this would rather enjoy the game away. Doesn’t this sound like a good option for this game?

The Spooky Graphics

The graphics in this game are perfect for the theme. They give off a spooky feeling that fits the game perfectly. Even the shape of the machine has a gravestone vibe to it. Regardless if this was intentional or not, the shape of it is perfect for this game.

When playing this game, you will notice that at the top, there is an image of an ancient house which is located in the middle of nowhere. Circling around the building are bats and there is a lightning fork in the background. There is only one light that is on in the house. However the name of the slot is created from sticks and there is lighting surrounding the dark letters.

The reels take up a majority of the machine, and there is rain that pours down on them in the background. Only one lamp is open. Bats swoop across the screen as the lamp is open. Occasionally throughout the game, a lightning bolt strikes on the reels. There is even a ghost that travels from left to right across the reels. This is a hint that you must be brave in order to play this game.

The In-play Button

Players of this game will notice that all of the in-play buttons are at the foot of the machine. It is very easy to use. Those who are slot enthusiasts can choose how many lines they want activated by clicking on the select lines’ button. Each time a click occurs, the bet goes up from 1 to 25 and then it goes back to 1 again. The payline added on will appear on the reels so that way players will know what they are adding on to and the where the winning combinations need to form at.

Since there are 25 paylines in this game, players are given a nice opportunity to win on each spin.

Players are able to change the stake through using the + or – icons. The amount goes from 1, 2, 5, or 10 cents for each line. Having an increase in the number of lines activated does play a role in the overall stake players make for each spin. Players of this game should think carefully about the bet max icon. If a player clicks that then the reels will be span automatically and it will stake the maximum that is allowed. It is best to not click that unless you know for sure that you want to wager that much for only one spin.

Ghosts and Pumpkins

Three icons trigger special prizes. First is the spider on its web if at least three of them are anywhere on the reels. Five free plays are rewarded if three of them are landed. Four of these symbols give out 10 free plays. Five of these symbols gives players the opportunity to make the reels spin 25 times for free! Ghost symbols that make appearances on reels 1 and 5 and 3 or more pumpkins are on an active payline triggers the bonus game.

Next, a pumpkin has to be selected from a selection of 10 and 100 to 1, 000 coins can be earned depending on the one that gets selected.

This is a very entertaining slot and it makes players go to the edge of their seat. It is perfect for those that are in a Halloween mood. If you are one of those people, then go ahead and spin these Haunted House reels today and do not get too spooked out. Oh and of course win prizes.