How Is Technology Impacting Gambling Addiction?

Technology is heavily involved with the gambling industry today. Each year, it is becoming more and more involved with it. Its involvement with the gambling industry has made it expand. However, there have been consequences for it. The access gambling addicts have to games is the downside to this. Now it is easier for people to have access to gambling games more than ever. Now gambling games are available in so many different ways. The advancement of technology continues to make the gambling industry change.

Gambling activities that had to be done at a casino can now be played at home or at a workplace. The hardware for technology is becoming more and more convergent as the days go by. There has been an increasing amount of multi-media integration. The multi-media integration includes gambling and gambling through social networking sites. Even though there is convergent hardware, there is also convergent content. Gambling from video game elements is included in the convergent content. Television gambling with gambling elements is something that has been increasing at a fast pace. The increasing accessibility along with the ease of it can play a role of the increase of addiction to gambling.

Popularity of gambling through social media

Gambling through social media sites has become very popular in this current day and age. The first gambling for money game on social appeared in August of 2012 on Facebook. This has received a lot of media interest worldwide. A lot of gaming operators now are looking to see whether or not social gambling will be profitable in the long run. Facebook has a lot of gambling type of games on their website. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is one of the most popular games on Facebook right now. Even when games do not have real money involved, it introduces the youth to it. It introduces them to the principles to it along with the excitement. For some young people, this will lead them into gambling without thinking about their finances.

One of the key aspects of gambling and social gambling is psychological. Gambling focuses on the use of mind conditioning and random schedules. Since social media is very popular right now, it has the potential to make gambling become more normalize. It has the ability to make gambling behavior as part of a consumption pattern that is normal. This can make the gambling activity seem more normal for young people.

Young people today are not afraid of technology

They are also very trustworthy of the technology. A lot of the youth today are not afraid to put in their personal information on different websites like a lot of people from previous generations. Facebook has played a role in how many people are playing games today.

There has been recent research performed that suggests young people playing free games is a risk factor for developing problem gambling behavior later on and uptake of real gambling. It is very easy for tech-savvy people to have access to a lot of free games.

Online gambling is easier today

Mobile gambling has become a key factor in the increase of amount of people gambling online. The functional capabilities of mobile phones have been improving on a day to day basis. Now it has become easier for people to use their mobile device to gamble. Mobile gambling has also played a key role in the rise of social media being used for gambling purposes. Now many gambling companies provide casino type of games that can be downloaded onto smartphones and a lot of technology devices like laptops and tablets.

Now since a lot of people do not have to leave their house to gamble, this gives them more time to play the games. Usually when a person goes to a casino to gamble, there is a limit on how long they are going to stay there. Whereas for online, there is typically less of a time limit on average. The new rise of online gambling has not necessarily caused gamblers to lose more money, but however it has been starting to cause them to lose a lot of time. There are some online gamblers who spend 12 hours gambling. This causes time conflicts. Less time is spent with their family and friends. Also, this causes them to not have enough time to accomplish other tasks successfully.

Technology’s heavy connection with the casino industry has been making a huge impact on the world. The casino industry, just like other industries have had to adapt to today’s time period. Today’s time period demands for the online world to be incorporated in most of the industries that exist today. As technology advances, industries have to as well. Unfortunately with these advancements occurring, there are consequences that follow along with them.