How to calculate winnings in slot machines

Online gambling is gaining popularity among gamers every year. It is hard to imagine an online casino without a wide selection of slot machines. Each video game is a set of specific rules where slots work based on a random number generator (RNG). Any gamer dreams of calculating the algorithm of an online device in order to constantly earn easy money. The thirst for quick money makes players try to uncover the secrets of slots in order to cheat the program and increase their chances of winning.

Choosing a suitable video slot

To win at slot machines, you must adhere to certain rules. First, when choosing an online slot machine, you should consider the rate of return of the bet. This parameter shows an approximate arithmetic mean – the percentage of return of the money spent to the gamer in the form of a win in the long term. The higher the odds, the higher the probability of winning. This parameter is indicated in the description of each online device. Secondly, you must carefully study the basic rules of the game in advance. They may differ in each slot, depending on the year and time of release of the version of the game, type, storyline. The main types of general rules:

• a combination of the same symbols on all the reels of the slot brings a win;

• winning symbols can be placed horizontally, in a line, zigzag or in any other way;

• a fixed number of pay lines (from 10 to 25 pieces);

• the gamer can choose the size of the bet and other parameters;

• the amount of payments is the product of the size of the bet by the value of the symbols participating in the game combination. Before starting the game, you must carefully study the information about the size of the bet and other parameters that directly relate to the winnings. The paytable is mainly located at the bottom of the playing field.

Increased chances of winning

It is impossible to make a real forecast of an online slot machine, since it uses an RNG. The program uses millions of character sets per second, so combinations change rapidly. How do you calculate the probability of winning to increase your chances of winning? It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations from experienced gamers:

• you need to play only on proven machines from well-known software suppliers;

• receive additional profit on bonus rounds;

• test the slot in the demo version before starting the game for real money;

• make minimum bets until a winning combination appears, after which you can increase the amount of the bet funds;

• it is necessary to strictly adhere to the chosen strategy;

• the winning cycle serves as a signal to end the game and withdraw the prize to your account. Only in proven online casinos, a client can count on fair play and quick withdrawals. When choosing a company, you should make sure that it is registered and licensed. Legal casinos are constantly checked by appropriate commissions for returns. It can be 98.6%.


It is impossible to calculate the probability of winning combinations on the reels using mathematics. Writing down previously dropped combinations is a pointless exercise. But, despite the lack of even a small theoretical possibility to calculate the rate, the players do not lose hope! Experts recommend paying attention to the return rate, player reviews and your common sense!


You should only “fill your hand” in demo versions of games. Once you feel the strength to play for high stakes, minimizing the risk of losing, you will be able to make winning bets in slot machines and profit from online casinos. You need to start with small amounts of money.