Jupiters Casino & Hotel Review

Jupiters Casino & Hotel is a lovely casino that is located in Queensland. Its city location is Broadbeach. The casino and hotel is surrounded by beauty.

The casino and hotel is connected to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is also connected by a monorail to Oasis Shopping Centre. It sits on an island in Dunlops, Canal. The place is nine minutes away from the beach.


It has contemporary rooms that have flat-screens tvs, and has paid wi-fi. The rooms that are upgraded have living areas and private bars. They have access to a club lounge that has free breakfast.

Parking for the casino and hotel is free. There is also a spa, outdoor pool, 5 bars, 6 restaurants, a hair salon, a theatre, and a sundeck with cabanas. All of the facilities that are connected with this casino should be enough to make someone want to at least enter it, especially if they like to gamble a lot.

This casino provides the perfect atmosphere for those who like to gamble. It has the perfect atmosphere, customer service, games, and even nice air conditioning to add on to that. At some casinos, it gets too hot or too cold. Whereas with this casino, the temperature is adjusted right. For some gamblers air conditioning does really matter.

The restaurants at the casino offer a nice range of food and drinks. When gamblers are hungry and need to take a break from gambling they should definitely be able to find something they would like to eat at one of the restaurants. Since there are a lot of bars, gamblers can find something they would like to drink while taking a break from gambling. That is if they are into drinking alcohol of course.

There are smoking sections and non-smoking sections at the casino and hotel. This is something that is good for gamblers who do smokes and for ones who do not. This casino knows how to attract many different people of all backgrounds. It knows how to entertain its players. Entertaining its players is definitely not something they lack in, unlike some of the other casinos that exist.

This casino is known to have very good customer service. Their customer service helps make the atmosphere friendly for its players. The environment this casino provides makes it comfortable for players to be able to socialize with each other. Some gamblers like to go to casinos where they can comfortably socialize at.

Other features

Jupiters Casino & Hotel is one of the most beautiful casinos that is connected to a hotel throughout the entire world. The way it sits is beautiful. Jupiters Casino & Hotel is something that players should definitely consider going to. The casino is a big pit. It has games that many people from all over the world can enjoy.

The games it has available are something that young gamblers and older ones as well can enjoy. It provides events that even non-gamblers can enjoy. Concerts are one of the events that both gamblers and non-gamblers can attend. They constantly have big time music artists and comedians do concerts. Their concert theatre has a beautiful look to it. It is not closed in. The theatre has a lot of room in it. On average they have live music on a weekly basis. Even movies are shown in the theater at times.

This casino along with many others promote responsible gambling

They make their players a priority for them. Making them a priority also means promoting responsibility. Promoting responsibility in the gambling world is something some people feel should be done more. However, this casino really wants the best for their players while at the casinos.

Some casinos lack in the area of treating their players right. This one is definitely far from lacking in that area. A lot of their employees are not reluctant on speaking with a player. They do their best to make sure their needs are being met. This is one of the reasons as to why they have had a lot of success. Their success does not seem to be coming to an end any time soon.

If you enjoy casinos that are entertaining, clean, have good air conditioning, and have a non-smoking or smoking section, this one is the perfect fit. Along with being connected with the facilities that is surrounding them, is something that people should think about when it comes to this casino. This casino will be special for many different people for a long time. Each year it continues to grow and it is definitely understandable as to why. This casino has been able to add on to the gambling culture in Australia. If you do not attend this casino, you are missing out.